Candidate for Mayor Issues Critique of DC School Reforms

Andy ShallalAndy ShallalDC Candidate for Mayor Andy Shallal issued an analysis of DC Public School Reform on his Web site February 14. Contrary to pupular opinion, an analysis of NAEP scores shows that low income and African American students have actually seen little to no improvement over the six years of experimentation with reforms under chancellors Rhee and Henderson. Budget Analysis Mary Levy also developed revealing charts based on the NAEP scores that show clearly that whites and wealthier students have been the only beneficiaries. The trajectory of improvement was actually better before the reformers came to town. Shallal also lays out his vision of what an alternative approach would look like -- one based on "support, collaboration and respect" rather than "test and punish." On March 12th, Washington Post columnist and blogger Valerie Strauss wrote about Andy's paper and posted 7 charts (here), that show the failed track record of DC School Reform.


65 million folks look after a

65 million folks look after a chronically sick, impaired or ageing loved one or close friend annually
These caretakers spend 20 hrs each week providing look after an enjoyed one
Household caregivers offer free of cost services valued at two times the quantity spent on homecare and assisted living home services incorporated
The typicalfamily caregiveris a female who is utilized outside the residence and caring for her 69 year-old mommy.
There are 1.4 million kids caring for grownups over 50 years old, these kids vary in age from 8 to 18
7 out of 10 caretakers are taking care of a maturing moms and dad over age 50
78 % of grownups residing in the community which need lasting treatment get aid from household caregiversSelf Care for Caregivers, Create "ME TIME".
Request Help.
You are not alone, over 78 % of the hygiene needs of seniors is fulfilled through family members caregivers. Caregiving is stressful and demanding, it is very important to have assistance from other relative, good friends or in-home hygiene. Arrange routine times weekly for breaks of numerous hours so you could have some "ME TIME."Contact Local Agencies.
Division of Human Services / Seniors and People with Disabilities.
DHS companies have several resources both direct and reference sources of support. The firm mainly sustains lower earnings family members, there are a selection of services instance managers might be able to attach you with featuring food stamps, break hygiene and housing.
Location Administration on Ageing (AoA).
They are a terrific resource for a selection of low cost services including personal caregivers, dietary counceling, respite hygiene and community occasions. Adult Day Care.
Adult day care costs vary from $30.00 each day to over $100.00 per day depending on your location. Like several other types of retirement commnity options grownup day care communities provide an assortment of services consisting of tasks, dishes and companship for your household member.
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You are not alone, over 78 % of the hygiene requirements of elders is fulfilled with family members caretakers. They are a great resource for a selection of reduced cost services consisting of exclusive caretakers, dietary counceling, respite care and neighborhood events. Adult day care expenses range from $30.00 each day to over $100.00 per day depending on your area. Like other types of retirement commnity alternatives grownup day care areas offer a variety of services featuring tasks, meals and companship for your household participant. Lots of retirement neighborhoods especially Residential Care communities provide short term respite care flats for higher demand seniors in support of family members caretakers.